Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 22.1
Pupil Transportation Vehicles

R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-22.1-2

§ 31-22.1-2. Pupil transportation vehicle — Vehicle standards.

Vans, sport utility vehicles, and heavy automobiles as defined by applicable federal regulations may be used as pupil transportation vehicles provided that these vehicles meet the highest federal crashworthiness standards for these categories of vehicles. Unless otherwise specifically provided for herein, the provisions of § 31-20-4, et seq. (Special Stops Required) shall be applicable to pupil transportation vehicles. The provisions of § 31-23-42 (First aid kit and heating equipment), § 31-23-42.2 (Power equipment on school buses), § 31-23-54 (Fire extinguishers), and § 31-23-55 (Speedometer and odometer) shall be applicable to pupil transportation vehicles. A pupil transportation vehicle shall not be required to be painted school bus yellow provided it carries a sign in school bus yellow visible from forward and from in back of the vehicle containing the lettering required by § 31-20-11.

History of Section.
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