Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 24
Lighting Equipment and Reflectors

R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-24-54

§ 31-24-54. Strobe lights on school buses.

All new school buses, as defined in § 31-1-3, shall at all times be equipped with a rear-viewing, rear-mounted white flashing strobe light, meeting the following requirements:

(1) A white flashing strobe light will be installed on the roof of a school bus; at a point not to exceed one-third (⅓) the body length forward from the rear of the roof edge;

(2) The strobe light will have a single clear lens emitting light three hundred sixty (360) degrees around its vertical axis and may not extend above the roof more than maximum legal height;

(3) The light will not exceed nine inches (9") in height or nine inches (9") in diameter;

(4) A manual switch and a pilot light will be included to indicate when light is in operation;

(5) The strobe light will be wired to activate with the amber alternately flashing signal lamps, continuing through the full loading or unloading cycle, with an override switch. The strobe light shall not be activated while the bus is moving; and

(6) Violations of this section are subject to fines enumerated in § 31-41.1-4.

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