Motor and Other Vehicles

Size, Weight, and Load Limits

SECTION 31-25-23

§ 31-25-23. Conditions and restrictions on excess load permits.

(a) The department of revenue or local authority is authorized to issue or withhold a permit at its discretion, or if the permit is issued, to limit the number of trips, or to establish seasonal or other time limitations within which the described vehicles may be operated on the indicated highways, or otherwise to limit or prescribe conditions of operation of the vehicle or vehicles, when necessary to assure against undue damage to the road foundations, surfaces, or structures, and may require any undertaking or other security that may be deemed necessary to compensate for any injury to any roadway or road structure.

(b) Whenever a permit is issued by the department of revenue or local authority for continuous operation, the permit shall not be issued for a period in excess of the registration date of the subject vehicle.

(c) Upon re-registration of the subject vehicle, permits shall be issued by the department of revenue or local authority, upon the re-certification of the braking and carrying capacity of the subject vehicle as specified on the expired permit.

History of Section.
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