Motor and Other Vehicles

CHAPTER 31-3.1
Certificates of Title and Security Interests

SECTION 31-3.1-7

§ 31-3.1-7. Contents and effect of certificate.

(a) Each certificate of title issued by the division of motor vehicles shall contain:

(1) The date issued;

(2) The name and address of the owner;

(3) The names and addresses of any lienholders, in the order of priority as shown on the application or, if the application is based on a certificate of title, as shown on the certificate;

(4) The title number assigned to the vehicle;

(5) A description of the vehicle including, so far as the following data exists: its make, model, identifying number, type of body, number of cylinders, whether new or used, and, if a new vehicle, the date of the first sale of the vehicle for use; and

(6) Any other data the division of motor vehicles prescribes.

(b) Unless a bond is filed as provided in § 31-3.1-9(2), a distinctive certificate of title shall be issued for a vehicle last previously registered in another state or country the laws of which do not require that lienholders be named on a certificate of title to perfect their security interests. The certificate shall contain the legend "this vehicle may be subject to an undisclosed lien" and may contain any other information the division of motor vehicles prescribes. If no notice of a security interest in the vehicle is received by the division within four (4) months from the issuance of the distinctive certificate of title, it shall, upon application and surrender of the distinctive certificate, issue a certificate of title in ordinary form.

(c) The certificate of title shall contain forms for assignment and warranty of title by the owner, and for assignment and warranty of title by a dealer, and may contain forms for application for a certificate of title by a transferee, the naming of a lienholder, and the assignment or release of the security interest of a lienholder.

(d) A certificate of title issued by the division of motor vehicles is prima facie evidence of the facts appearing on it.

(e) A certificate of title for a vehicle is not subject to garnishment, attachment, execution, or other judicial process, but this subsection does not prevent a lawful levy upon the vehicle.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1971, ch. 100, § 1.)