Motor and Other vehicles

Registration of Vehicles

SECTION 31-3-111

§ 31-3-111 Gold Star Parents.

(a) The administrator of the division of motor vehicles is authorized and directed to issue a special registration plate for the motor vehicles of all Gold Star Parents.

(b) For the purpose of this section, "Gold Star Parent" means a person who has lost a son or a daughter as a result of service with the armed forces of the United States of America; provided, the death was determined to be in the line of duty.

(c) The special plate designated "Gold Star Parent" shall be designed as follows:

(1) Letters and numbers shall be blue in a white background with the words "Rhode Island" clearly visible at the top center of the plate.

(2) The background will be a red, white, and blue waving American Flag.

(3) The top right corner is to bear the identification "Gold Star Parent".

(d) The applicant shall not be required to pay a service charge or a transfer charge for each plate.

(e) The applicant shall be entitled to a plate for each vehicle owned by the applicant.

(f) The owner of a motor vehicle eligible for registration as a commercial vehicle and having a gross weight of twelve thousand pounds (12,000 lbs.) or less who is issued Gold Star Parent plates shall continue to pay the appropriate commercial registration fee for those plates. The owner of a motor vehicle eligible for registration as a commercial vehicle having a gross weight of six thousand three hundred pounds (6,300 lbs.), but not more than twelve thousand pounds (12,000 lbs.), shall sign an affidavit at the time of application for said plates stating that the vehicle is to be used for personal use only.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2016, ch. 142, art. 9, § 3.)