Motor and Other Vehicles

Registration of Vehicles

SECTION 31-3-3

§ 31-3-3. Application for registration.

Every owner of a vehicle subject to registration under this chapter shall apply to the division of motor vehicles for the registration of it using the appropriate form or forms furnished by the division of motor vehicles. Every application shall bear the signature of the owner written with pen and ink and the signature shall be acknowledged by the owner before a person authorized to administer oaths and the application shall contain:

(a) The name, city or town of bona fide residence, actual residence address and mail address of the owner as appearing on the owner's motor vehicle operator's license or state identification card issued pursuant to the provisions of chapter 8 of title 3, or business address of the owner if a firm, association, or if a corporation, the name of the city or town in which the vehicle is physically and primarily housed. For purposes of this section "physically and primarily housed" is defined as that city or town in which the vehicle is housed for a period or periods of time greater than in any other city or town in the state of Rhode Island. The division of motor vehicles may substitute other indicators of residence when necessary.

(b) A description of the vehicle, including, insofar as this specified data may exist with respect to a given vehicle, the make, model, type of body, the number of cylinders, the serial number of the vehicle, and the engine or other number of the vehicle. In the event a vehicle is designed, constructed, converted, or rebuilt for the transportation of property, the application shall include a statement of its capacity in terms of maximum gross vehicle weight rating as authorized by the manufacturer of the chassis or the complete vehicle.

(c) A statement whether liability insurance is carried on the vehicle, and, if there is liability insurance, the name of the carrier, policy number, and effective dates of the policy.

(d) Any further information as may reasonably be required by the division of motor vehicles to enable it to determine whether the vehicle is lawfully entitled to registration.

(e) The exact mileage reading from the motor vehicle on the date of application.

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