Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 3
Registration of Vehicles

R.I. Gen. Laws 31-3-46

 31-3-46.  P.O.W. plates.

The administrator of the division of motor vehicles shall issue plates designated as "Ex-P.O.W." upon application on proper forms furnished by the administrator of the division of motor vehicles to former prisoners of war (P.O.W.) of World Wars I and II, the Korean conflict, and Vietnam conflict. The plates may be issued for any motor vehicle eligible for registration as an automobile, or a commercial vehicle having a gross weight of ten thousand pounds (10,000 lbs) or less. The applicant shall not be required to pay a registration fee or service charge for the plate. Upon the death of the holder of any P.O.W. plates, the plates shall be transferred to his or her surviving spouse for the spouse's lifetime until he or she remarries.

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