Motor and Other Vehicles

Safety Responsibility Administration – Security Following Accident

SECTION 31-31-10

§ 31-31-10. Relief from security requirements.

(a) A person shall be relieved from the requirement for deposit of security for the benefit or protection of another person injured or damaged in the accident in the event he or she is released from liability by the other person.

(b) A covenant not to sue shall relieve the parties to it as to each other from the security requirements of this chapter.

(c) In the event the division of motor vehicles has evaluated the injuries or damage to any minor in an amount not more than two hundred dollars ($200) the division of motor vehicles may accept, for the purpose of this chapter only, evidence of a release from liability executed by a natural guardian or a legal guardian on behalf on the minor without the approval of any court or judge.

(d) The division of motor vehicles may accept evidence of a payment to an operator or to the owner of a vehicle involved in an accident by the insurance carrier of any other person involved in the accident on account of damage to property or to bodily injury, as effective to relieve the operator or owner from the security and suspension provisions of this chapter in respect to any claim for property damage or bodily injury arising out of the accident by the person on whose behalf the payment has been made. A payment to the insurance carrier of an operator or owner under its right of subrogation shall be the equivalent of a payment to the operator or owner.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 4, § 2.)