Motor and Other Vehicles

Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future

SECTION 31-32-14

§ 31-32-14. Duration of suspension for unsatisfied judgment.

(a) The license, registration, and nonresident's operating privilege shall remain so suspended and shall not be renewed, nor shall the license or registration be thereafter issued in the name of the person, including any person not previously licensed, unless and until the judgment is stayed, satisfied in full, or to the extent provided in this chapter, and until the person gives proof of financial responsibility subject to the exemptions stated in §§ 31-32-12, 31-32-13, and 31-32-17.

(b) Provided, that if but for the provisions of this chapter relating to the failure to pay judgments upon causes of action arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of vehicles of a type subject to registration under the laws of this state, the license, or registration would have been restored under the provisions of § 31-31-15(3), then the suspension of the license or registration under the provisions of this chapter shall terminate.

History of Section.
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