Motor and Other Vehicles

Responsibility of Owners of Rental Vehicles

SECTION 31-34-2.1

§ 31-34-2.1. Self-insurers.

(a) Any person or company in whose name more than four hundred (400) vehicles are registered in this state may qualify as a self-insurer by obtaining a certificate of self-insurance issued by the department of business regulation as provided in subsection (b).

(b) Upon the application of the person or company, the department of business regulation may issue a certificate of self-insurance at its discretion if it is satisfied that the person or company has and will have the ability to pay any judgment obtained against the person or company. The certificate may be issued authorizing a person or company to act as a self-insurer for either property damage or bodily injury, or both.

(c) Upon not less than five (5) days' notice and a hearing pursuant to notice, the department of business regulation upon reasonable grounds may cancel a certificate of self-insurance. Failure to pay any judgment within thirty (30) days after the judgment has become final constitutes a reasonable ground for the cancellation of a certificate of self-insurance.

(d) Entities applying to or previously authorized to permissibly self-insure are subject to the jurisdiction of the department of business regulation. The department of business regulation is authorized to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations that may be necessary to carry out the provisions of § 31-34-2.1 including, but not limited to:

(1) Obtaining and reviewing financial statements and related information necessary to ascertain the applicant's ability to self-insure.

(2) Apportioning the cost of review to the applicant in a manner similar to that utilized to charge insurance companies for review and analysis of their financial statements.

(3) Imposing and enforcing upon entities authorized to permissibly self-insure any and all claims handling and settlement practices required of insurers in the settlement of claims.

History of Section.
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