Motor and Other Vehicles

CHAPTER 31-36.1
Fuel Use Reporting Law

SECTION 31-36.1-15

§ 31-36.1-15. Credit on tax – Refund.

(a) Every motor carrier shall be entitled to a credit on the tax equivalent to the rate per gallon of the tax in effect under chapter 36 of this title, on all motor fuel purchased by the carrier within this state for use in its operations without this state and upon which motor fuel the tax imposed by the laws of this state has been paid by the carrier. Evidence of the payment of the tax in any form that may be required by, or is satisfactory to, the state tax administrator, shall, be furnished by the carrier claiming the credit allowed in this chapter.

(b) When the amount of the credit provided in this chapter, to which any motor carrier is entitled for any quarter exceeds the amount of the tax for which the carrier is liable for the same quarter, the excess may, under the regulations of the tax administrator and the International Fuel Tax Agreement be allowed as a credit on the tax for which the carrier would be otherwise liable for any of the eight (8) succeeding quarters.

(c) The licensee shall receive, on request, a cash refund of any accumulated credits. All requests for refunds of credit balances must be filed in writing.

History of Section.
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