Motor and Other Vehicles

Retail Sale of Gasoline

SECTION 31-37-11

§ 31-37-11. Prices shown on pumps.

(a) Every retail dealer shall conspicuously display and maintain on each pump or other dispensing device from which motor fuel is sold by the dealer at least one sign and not more than two (2) signs stating the price per gallon and if the sale is by liter, the price per gallon and per liter of each and every motor fuel sold by the dealer from the pump or device. The sign or signs shall be of a size not larger than twenty-four inches (24") by forty-eight inches (48") and shall clearly and legibly state in numbers of uniform size the selling price or prices per gallon, and if the sale is by liter, the price or prices per gallon and per liter of such gasoline sold or offered for sale from the pump or other dispensing device.

(1) The amount of governmental tax to be collected in connection with the sale of the motor fuel shall be stated on the sign or signs separately and apart from the selling price or prices.

(2) All figures upon the signs, except fractions, shall be of the same size. Where fractions are used, the numerator and denominator of the fraction combined shall be of the same size as the whole number used on the sign, and the numerator and denominator shall be of equal size in relation to each other.

(3) All figures or numerals on each sign shall be at least two inches (2") high and all lines or marks used in the making of the figures or numerals shall be at least one-eighth inch (18") in width, and the over-all height of any figure or numeral, except the figure one, shall not be greater than three (3) times the over-all width of the figure or numeral.

(4) Any figure or fraction used in any price computing mechanism, constituting a part of the pump or dispensing device, shall not be considered a sign under the provisions of this chapter.

(b) Any retail dealer operating a full-service and self-service pump, who fails to post the signs as required by this section, shall not charge more for full service than the price listed for self-service pumps.

History of Section.
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