Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 38
Inspection of Motor Vehicles

R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-38-4

§ 31-38-4. Director of department of revenue to require periodic inspection.

(a)(1) The director of revenue shall at least once each year, but not more frequently than twice each year, or on the schedule defined pursuant to chapter 47.1 of this title require that every vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer registered in this state or upon a retail seller’s premise, be inspected and that an official certificate of inspection and approval be obtained for the vehicle, provided, that the director of revenue shall require the first inspection of any new motor vehicle within two (2) years from the date of purchase or before the vehicle accumulates twenty-four thousand (24,000) miles whichever occurs first.

(2) The inspections shall be made and the certificates obtained with respect to the mechanism, brakes, and equipment of the vehicle as shall be designated by the director of department of revenue.

(3) The director of the department of revenue is authorized to make necessary rules and regulations for the administration and enforcement of this chapter including, but not limited to, upgraded standards of operation and standards for mechanical testing equipment, and to designate any period or periods of time during which sellers at retail and owners of any vehicles, subject to this chapter, shall display upon the vehicles certificates of inspection and approval, or shall produce these certificates upon demand of any proper officer or employee of the department of revenue designated by the director of the department of revenue. In addition, the director shall require each inspection facility to file a copy of their active garage keeper’s legal liability insurance policy and maintain a minimum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) liability coverage. Said coverage shall be purchased for the purpose of insuring against any damage sustained to a vehicle while under the control of the inspection facility.

(b) The director of the department of revenue may authorize the acceptance in this state of a certificate of inspection and approval issued in another state having an inspection law similar to this chapter, and may extend the time within which a certificate shall be obtained.

(c) The director of the department of revenue, or the director’s designee, may suspend the registration of any vehicle which he or she determines is in such unsafe condition as to constitute a menace to safety, or which, after notice and demand, is not equipped as required in this chapter or for which a required certificate of inspection and approval has not been obtained.

(d) The director of the department of revenue shall provide for a staggered inspection system by regulations.

(e) Violations of this section are subject to fines enumerated in § 31-41.1-4.

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