Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 38
Inspection of Motor Vehicles

R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-38-7

§ 31-38-7. Operation of official stations.

(a) No permit for an official station shall be assigned or transferred or used at any location other than designated in it, and the permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the designated location.

(b) The state-certified person operating an official inspection station shall issue a certificate of inspection and approval upon an official form to the owner of a vehicle upon inspection of the vehicle and determining that its equipment required under the provisions of this chapter is in good condition and proper adjustment, otherwise, no certificate shall be issued. A record and report shall be made of every inspection and every certificate issued. The records shall be kept available for review by those employees of the department of revenue that the director may designate.

(c) The following fees shall be charged for inspection and issuance of certificate of inspection and approval:

(1) For every vehicle with a registered gross weight of not more than eight thousand five hundred pounds (8,500 lbs.), the fee shall be included with the fee charged pursuant to § 31-47.1-11;

(2) For every vehicle of a registered gross weight of more than eight thousand five hundred pounds (8,500 lbs.) or more, except trailers, fifteen dollars ($15.00);

(3) For every motorcycle and electrically powered vehicle, eleven dollars ($11.00);

(4) For every trailer or semi-trailer with a registered gross weight of more than one thousand pounds (1,000 lbs.), eleven dollars ($11.00); and

(5) Provided, that for the inspection of vehicles used for the transportation of persons for hire, as provided in § 31-22-12, and subject to an inspection pursuant to chapter 47.1 of this title, the fee shall be included with the fee charged pursuant to § 31-47.1-11.

(d) The director of the department of revenue may establish a state inspection facility at which any motor vehicle may be reinspected at no cost to the owner. The state inspection facility may inspect all public conveyance vehicles or these inspections may be otherwise provided for by the director, or any other vehicles which, in the opinion of the director of revenue, or his or her designee, require specific testing to ensure for the health and safety of the general public.

(e) Any other inspections or activities which may be required to be performed at a state inspection facility may be performed at any official inspection station if determined by the director.

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