Motor and Other Vehicles

Mobile and Manufactured Homes

SECTION 31-44-1.4

§ 31-44-1.4. Powers and duties of department.

(a) The department may:

(1) Interpret and implement the provisions of this chapter and the applicable provisions of chapter 44.1 of this title;

(2) Act for the purpose of promoting a uniform policy relating to all phases of mobile and manufactured home business and use;

(3) Monitor and determine the sufficiency of the state Mobile and Manufactured Home Act under this chapter as well as local mobile and manufactured home ordinances which are designed to provide local governments with superintending control over mobile and manufactured home business or use and to make recommendations to it; and

(4) Conduct public hearings relating to these advisory responsibilities.

(b) The department shall:

(1) Monitor the implementation of statutes and regulations affecting mobile and manufactured homes;

(2) Make investigations and conduct or authorize periodic surveys to determine compliance with this chapter;

(3) All departments of state government are authorized to provide assistance to the department as the department requires;

(4) Conduct a public education program to improve public perception and local acceptance of mobile and manufactured homes and to promote them as affordable housing; and

(5) Study additional issues related to mobile and manufactured homes and periodically disseminate acquired information.

History of Section.
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