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Mobile and Manufactured Homes

SECTION 31-44-1.7

§ 31-44-1.7. Mobile and manufactured home park operation – License.

(a) A person shall not operate a mobile and manufactured home park without a license.

(b) Upon completion, review, and approval of certifications, the department of business regulation shall grant a license to operate a mobile and manufactured home park.

(c) An annual license shall be granted and renewed by the department based upon the filing of:

(1) Leases and regulations that are applicable to the park;

(2) Certification by the municipality in which the park is located that it is in compliance with all applicable land use regulations of the municipality;

(3) Certification from the appropriate state agencies or municipal departments that the park has an adequate and operational sewage disposal system and water supply and that all applicable state and local taxes have been paid;

(4) Payment of an annual fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per occupied site in the park; and

(5) The applicant files a fee schedule with the department.

(d) Certifications for individual sewage disposal systems (ISDS) regulated by the department of environmental management shall be provided by an ISDS designer, licensed pursuant to § 5-56-1, who possesses the appropriate class of license for the type and size of system to be certified and any costs for these certifications shall be the responsibility of the licensee. The director of the department may by regulation provide for additional requirements and may place reasonable conditions on the grant of any license.

(e) If a person submits a timely application for renewal of a license and pays the appropriate fees, the person may continue to operate a mobile and manufactured home park unless notified that the application for renewal is not approved. In the event anyone is denied a license he or she will be afforded a hearing before the department.

History of Section.
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