Motor and Other Vehicles

Mobile and Manufactured Homes

SECTION 31-44-4.1

§ 31-44-4.1. Recording of sale or transfer documents – Penalties.

Every deed, instrument, or writing by which an interest in any mobile or manufactured home is granted, assigned, transferred, or otherwise conveyed to, or vested in, a purchaser or purchasers, or any other person or persons, shall be filed with the recorder of deeds of the city or town in within which the mobile home or manufactured home is located, within ten (10) days after execution of the deed instrument, or writing. The fee for the filing shall be in accordance with § 34-13-7. The city or town shall assess a fine to be determined by each city or town for failure to comply with the provisions of this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1996, ch. 319, § 1.)