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Mobile and Manufactured Homes

SECTION 31-44-7.1

§ 31-44-7.1. Security deposits.

In any rental agreement for the lease of a mobile home in which the licensee requires the payment of a security deposit by the resident:

(1) The deposit shall accumulate interest on an annual basis at the rate of three percent (3%).

(2) No deposit will be required which is more than the amount of one month's rent.

(3) The interest shall be paid to the resident annually or upon termination of the rental.

(4) Upon termination of the rental, the licensee shall return the deposit along with accumulated interest within thirty (30) days, or shall provide the resident with a written itemized list of damages caused by the resident during the rental, other than ordinary wear and tear, and return to the resident the difference, if any, between the deposit and interest and the damages sustained.

(5) The resident shall provide the licensee with a forwarding address upon vacating the premises so as to permit the licensee to return the deposit.

(6) If the licensee fails to either return the deposit within thirty (30) days or pay interest on it, he or she shall be liable for damages not to exceed twice the amount of the deposit and three (3) times the amount of interest due.

(7) Any security deposits received by the licensee shall be deposited in a savings account and earmarked specifically as a security deposit account, and that fund shall not be used by the licensee for any purpose except as provided in subdivision (4) of this section.

(8) No security deposit shall be required for the rental of a mobile home lot or space.

History of Section.
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