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Mobile and Manufactured Homes

SECTION 31-44-8

§ 31-44-8. Notice required by law.

The following notice must be given by the licensee to the tenant prior to occupancy:

"The terms of your tenancy must be in accordance with the Rhode Island Mobile and Manufactured Home Act, title 31, chapter 44. Section 31-44-3 requires all the rules and regulations governing your tenancy to be fair and reasonable. Unreasonable rules, or those not in compliance with § 31-44-3, cannot be enforced against you.

"No licensee may offer a mobile and manufactured home or a mobile and manufactured home space or lot for rent without showing to the prospective resident a copy of the written lease before the resident occupies that mobile and manufactured home space or lot. No licensee may rent a mobile and manufactured home or mobile and manufactured home space or lot until a written lease has been signed by the resident and the owner. The term of the lease shall not be less than one year unless the resident requests, in writing, a term for less than one year, or requests in writing that he or she does not desire a written lease.

"The licensee of this park shall not require you to deal exclusively with a certain fuel dealer or other merchant for goods or services in connection with the use or occupancy of your mobile and manufactured home lot unless that restriction is necessary to protect the health, safety, or welfare of mobile and manufactured home residents in the park. If you are required to deal with a certain dealer or merchant, the price you pay for such goods or services may not be more than the prevailing price in this locality for similar goods and services.

"An increase in fees or rent, nonrenewal of lease, refusal to offer a lease, or termination of tenancy which is taken against you by a licensee as a penalty for reporting a violation of the Mobile and Manufactured Home Act or of any applicable building or health code, or for any other justified complaint to a governmental authority is a reprisal and is prohibited by law."

History of Section.
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