Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 46
Rhode Island Salvage Law

R.I. Gen. Laws 31-46-4

 31-46-4.  Restoration.

If a motor vehicle is restored for operation on the highways, application shall be made to the division of motor vehicles for a certificate of title. Upon inspection by the division of motor vehicles, which shall include establishing proof of ownership, and upon the surrender of the salvage certificate of title, the division of motor vehicles shall issue a certificate of title for a fee prescribed by the administrator of the division of motor vehicles. The certificate of title shall be in the same form and color as the original certificate and bear the same number as the salvage certificate and the original certificate and shall bear the word "re-constructed salvage" on the title. A fee of fifty-five dollars ($55.00) shall be assessed for each inspection made pursuant to this section.

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