Motor and Other Vehicles

Ignition Interlock Systems

SECTION 31-49-3

§ 31-49-3. Rules and regulations.

(a) The rules and regulations adopted pursuant to § 31-49-2 shall include requirements that ignition interlock systems:

(1) Do not impede the safe operation of the vehicle;

(2) Minimize opportunities to be bypassed;

(3) Correlate accurately with established measures of blood alcohol levels;

(4) Work accurately and reliably in an unsupervised environment;

(5) Require a proper and accurate measure of blood alcohol levels;

(6) Resist tampering and provide evidence of attempted tampering;

(7) Are difficult to circumvent, and require premeditation to circumvent;

(8) Minimize inconvenience to a sober user;

(9) Are manufactured by a party responsible for installation, user training, service, and maintenance;

(10) Operate reliably over the range of motor vehicle environments or motor vehicle manufacturing standards;

(11) Are manufactured by a person who is adequately insured for products liability; and

(12) Provide the option for an electronic log of the driver's experience with the system.

(b) Upon the expiration of the interlock order by the court, the division of motor vehicles shall review the person's compliance with the ignition interlock order to ensure that the person has fulfilled the specific requirements as set forth by the sentencing judge or magistrate. Upon verification that said conditions have been satisfied, a motorist's license shall be reinstated.

History of Section.
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