Motor and Other Vehicles

CHAPTER 31-5.4
Consumer Enforcement of Used Motor Vehicle Warranties

SECTION 31-5.4-6

§ 31-5.4-6. Disclosure of rights.

(a) The director of the department of revenue shall promulgate rules, regulations and forms to implement the notice provision in subsection (b) of this section. The forms promulgated by the director shall be used by every dealer in the sale of every automobile protected by this chapter.

(b) Clear and conspicuous notice of the warranties created by this chapter of the rights pertaining to them and of the implied warranty of merchantability shall be given to the consumer in writing at the time the consumer purchases a used motor vehicle from the dealer. Each notice required by this section shall describe the procedures available to redress violations of this section and shall contain the telephone number of the department of revenue.

(c) A seller's failure to provide the buyer with the documents and forms promulgated by the director of the department of revenue pursuant to this section shall constitute prima facie evidence of bad faith and unfair and deceptive trade practice under § 6-13.1-1. Violations of this section shall be actionable by the buyer under §§ 31-5.4-5 and 6-13.1-5.2.

History of Section.
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