Motor and Other Vehicles

Dealers', Manufacturers', and Rental Licenses

SECTION 31-5-15

§ 31-5-15. Examination of records – Altered or reset odometers.

(a) The department or its duly authorized representative may inspect the pertinent books, records, letters, and contracts of the licensee relating to any written complaint made against the licensee. If the licensee is found guilty of violating any of the provisions of §§ 31-5-1 – 31-5-20, or any lawful order of the department, the actual cost of each of the examinations shall be paid by the licensee within thirty (30) days after demand for them by the department, and the department may maintain an action for the recovery of the cost in any court of competent jurisdiction.

(b) The department finds that purchasers, when buying motor vehicles, rely heavily on the odometer reading as an index of the condition and value of the vehicle; that purchasers are entitled to rely on the odometer reading as an accurate reflection of the mileage actually traveled by the vehicle; and that an accurate indication of the mileage traveled by a motor vehicle assists the purchaser in determining its safety and reliability. For the protection of purchasers with respect to the sale of motor vehicles having altered or reset odometers, licensed motor vehicle dealers are directly responsible to their retail/wholesale customers to repurchase the motor vehicles bearing altered or reset odometers for the original selling price paid by the customer, or an amount as determined by the department.

History of Section.
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