Motor and Other Vehicles

Dealers', Manufacturers', and Rental Licenses

SECTION 31-5-5

§ 31-5-5. Dealers' license required – "Dealer" defined.

No motor vehicle dealer shall engage in business as a dealer in this state without a license for it as provided in §§ 31-5-6 – 31-5-10. Any person, firm, or corporation who sells or acts as a broker with respect to the sale of more than four (4) vehicles in any one calendar year shall be considered a motor vehicle dealer. Any person, firm or corporation who, prior to the retail sale of a motor vehicle, converts, or otherwise assembles, installs, or affixes a body, cab or special equipment to a chassis or who adds to, subtracts from, or modifies a previously assembled or manufactured motor vehicle, shall be considered a motor vehicle dealer.

History of Section.
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