Parks and Recreational Areas

General Provisions

SECTION 32-1-5.1

§ 32-1-5.1. John L. Curran state park – Prohibition of development.

John L. Curran state park, comprised of two hundred sixty three (263) acres, more or less, located within the city of Cranston, shall not at any time be commercially developed or in any way modified from its current undeveloped state; nor shall the land be used for any purpose other than passive outdoor recreation; nor shall the land be sold, leased, or otherwise conveyed or transferred except that short-term leasing of one year or less may be allowed provided such lease does not allow, or at any time result in, the development of the land or in any way alter the land's current undeveloped state. The land shall be designated "open space" within the meaning of § 45-36-1. For purposes of this section, "passive outdoor recreation" shall mean the use of land for natural areas, nature trails, forests, wetlands and marsh lands preservation, wildlife habitat, hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, picnicing, gardening, and scenic preservation.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1999, ch. 271, § 1.)