Parks and Recreational Areas

Town Forests, Parks, and Recreation Systems

SECTION 32-3-3

§ 32-3-3. Powers of agency in charge of system.

The board or committee that may be authorized pursuant to § 32-3-2 to exercise those powers stated therein may conduct its activities on land and in buildings, adapted or adaptable for those purposes, owned by the city or town, with the consent of the committee or board in control of that property, or on land or in buildings that may hereafter be acquired for those purposes by gift, purchase, or lease; and may also in its discretion take charge of and use any place or places that any person or persons may offer the use of for purposes herein enumerated. The board or committee may employ a superintendent of recreation, teachers, and other officers and may fix their compensation. The board or committee may authorize the use of such property as may be under its control for any other municipal purpose, or by any person, society, or other organization for such other public, recreational, social, or educational purposes as the board or committee may deem proper.

History of Section.
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