Parks and Recreational Areas

Green Acres Land Acquisition

SECTION 32-4-15

§ 32-4-15. Allocation of appropriations – Acquisition and development fund.

(a) Unless otherwise provided, money appropriated for use in executing the provisions of this chapter shall be allocated as follows:

(1) With respect to acquisition of lands by the state hereunder, two-thirds ( 2 / 3 ) thereof; and

(2) With respect to state grants under this chapter to assist local units to acquire lands, one-third ( 1 / 3 ) thereof.

(b) Such sums as may be from time to time appropriated or otherwise made available by the issue of bonds for the acquisitions contemplated by this chapter shall be held in a separate fund, and be deposited in such depositories as may be selected by the general treasurer to the credit of the fund, which shall be known as the recreation and conservation land acquisition and development fund of 1964. The moneys in the said recreation and conservation land acquisition and development fund are hereby specifically dedicated to meeting the cost of public acquisition and development of land for recreation and conservation purposes and shall not be expended except in accordance with law.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1956, § 32-4-15; P.L. 1964, ch. 174, § 1.)