Probate Practice and Procedure

Claims Against Decedents' Estates

SECTION 33-11-19

§ 33-11-19. Payment of claims allowed or proved.

(a) After the expiration of six (6) months and filing a statement of claims disallowed, if any there be, as provided in § 33-11-14, the personal representative, shall proceed to pay the claims allowed or proved against the estate in the order of priority prescribed, after making provision for costs and expenses of administration, taxes, allowances, claims presented but pending determination or appeal and claims not barred that may yet be presented.

(b) Claims thereafter presented and not disallowed, or disallowed and afterwards proved, shall be payable only out of assets remaining in the hands of the personal representative.

(c) The personal representative may pay any just claim that has not been barred at any time, with or without formal presentation, but is personally liable to any other claimant whose claim is allowed and who is injured by its payment if: (1) payment was made within the claim period and the personal representative failed to require the payee to indemnify the estate for refund of any of the payment necessary to pay other claimants; or (2) payment was made, due to negligence or willful fault of the personal representative, in such manner as to deprive the injured claimant of priority.

History of Section.
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