Probate Practice and Procedure

Claims Against Decedents' Estates

SECTION 33-11-20

§ 33-11-20. Application of later discovered assets – Extension of time for presenting claims.

If further assets are discovered and recovered by a personal representative after the expiration of six (6) months from the date of the first publication of notice of the qualification of the original personal representative, he or she shall apply the assets to the payment of the claims of creditors and account therefore in the same manner as assets received within six (6) months; and if the surplus of the assets remaining after payment of the claims in full is, in the opinion of the probate court, sufficient to warrant so doing, the probate court may order notice given of the receipt of the assets and may extend the time for presenting claims not to exceed six (6) months after notice. Claims presented within the extended time may be allowed or proved in the same manner as claims presented within six (6) months and shall be payable out of the assets remaining in the hands of the personal representative.

History of Section.
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