Probate Practice and Procedure

Claims Against Decedents' Estates

SECTION 33-11-32

§ 33-11-32. Secured claims against insolvent estates.

If a creditor, having a security for his or her claim against an insolvent estate upon any property of the estate, files his or her claim, the probate court shall inquire into the cash value of the security, and if the court allows the claim, the executor or administrator shall give the creditor personal notice of the amount allowed and the value of the security as reported by the court and unless the creditor shall, within fifteen (15) days after receiving notice, lodge with the court a certificate of his or her election to relinquish the security, he or she is entitled to a dividend from the estate upon the excess only of his or her claim above the amount of the court's valuation of the security.

History of Section.
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