Probate Practice and Procedure

Payment of Decedents' Debts and Charges

SECTION 33-12-9

§ 33-12-9. Application of rents and income of real estate to debts – Leases by executor or administrator.

Whenever the personal property subject to inventory, other than household furniture and stores, of any decedent shall not be sufficient to pay his or her debts and the charges against his or her estate, the probate court having jurisdiction of the estate may, instead of, or in addition to, granting leave to sell the real estate of the deceased, enter its decree empowering the executor or administrator to take upon himself or herself and supersede the possession of the heirs or devisees of the deceased, as to all or any portion of the real estate of the deceased designated in the decree, so far, and so far only, as shall be necessary to enable the executor or administrator to demand, sue for, and recover the rents and income reserved and accruing from the property after the entry of the decree from any tenants or other persons by whom rents and income shall be payable; with power also to let the property from month to month, or to make such other leases of the premises as the court shall approve and direct; and the receipt of the executor or administrator for payments made shall be valid as well against the heirs and devisees as against the executor or administrator, and any letting or lease lawfully made by the executor or administrator shall be binding also upon the heirs and devisees of the deceased; and provided, that this section shall not apply to real estate which is specifically devised, or as to which directions inconsistent with this section are given in and by a will, unless the other real estate is insufficient for the purposes of this section; and provided, further, that the court may at any time, after notice to the executor or administrator, and after a hearing, revoke its former decree without prejudice to existing leases by it approved and directed, and order the executor or administrator to surrender possession of the real estate to the heirs or devisees.

History of Section.
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