Probate Practice and Procedure

Legacies, Devises, and Inheritance

SECTION 33-13-15

§ 33-13-15. Action by creditor against heirs, next of kin, devisees, and legatees.

Any creditor holding a contingent claim, the right of action on which did not accrue during the period of six (6) months, who shall bring his or her action within one year after his or her right of action accrues, and any creditor who from accident, mistake or other cause has failed to file his or her claim within six (6) months after the first publication of notice who shall bring his or her action not later than three (3) years after the first publication, may recover his or her claim against the heirs and next of kin of the deceased, or against the devisees and legatees under his or her will, each one of whom shall be liable to the creditor to an amount not exceeding the value of real or personal estate that he or she has received from the deceased. But, if by the will of the deceased any part of his or her estate, or any one or more of the devisees or legatees, is made exclusively liable for the claim in exoneration of the residue of the estate or of other devisees or legatees, those provisions of the will shall be complied with and the persons and estates so exempted shall be liable for only so much of the claims as cannot be recovered from those who are first chargeable therewith.

History of Section.
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