Probate Practice and Procedure

Legacies, Devises, and Inheritance

SECTION 33-13-6

§ 33-13-6. Filing of statement listing legatees – Notice.

An executor may, and for cause shown shall, file within two (2) years after the date of the first publication, or any further time as the probate court may allow, and at the time during the periods as the court may direct, a statement in the office of the clerk of the probate court setting out the names of the legatees, the amounts to be paid, and the property to be turned over to them respectively, or to be held by himself or herself as trustee. Notice of the filing of the statement and of the time and place fixed by the court for hearing on the statement shall be given by advertisement at least twice each week for two (2) successive weeks in some newspaper, as ordered by the court. The probate clerk shall also give notice by registered or certified mail to all persons interested whose post office addresses are known.

History of Section.
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