Probate Practice and Procedure

Accounts of Executors and Administrators

SECTION 33-14-1

§ 33-14-1. Times when accounts required.

Every executor and administrator, except as provided in § 33-17-3, shall make out and return to the probate court, upon completion of the period of administration, and at such other times as shall be required by the court, pursuant to § 33-14-4, an account relative to the estate in his or her hands, with a statement of the liquidated balance that may be due to or from him or her. Provided, however, that no interim accounting shall be required unless requested by an interested party, and any interim accounting may be excused by the probate court for good cause shown; and further provided, however, that every executor and administrator who is the sole beneficiary of the estate or who files a release from each beneficiary shall be permitted to file, in lieu of a final account, an affidavit of completed administration together with evidence that all Rhode Island estate and inheritance taxes for the estate have been satisfied, that the funeral bill has been paid, and that all claims filed against the estate have been satisfied.

History of Section.
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