Probate Practice and Procedure

Veterans' Guardianships

SECTION 33-16-16

§ 33-16-16. Exhibition of securities and investments – Filing of certificates.

The guardian, at the time of filing any account, shall exhibit all securities or investments held by him or her to an officer of the bank or other depository wherein the securities or investments are held for safekeeping, or to an authorized representative of the corporation which is surety on his or her bond, or to the judge or clerk of a court of record in this state, or, upon request of the guardian or other interested party, to any other reputable person designated by the court, who shall certify in writing that he or she has examined the securities or investments and identified them with those described in the account, and shall note any omissions or discrepancies. If the depository is the guardian, the certifying officer shall not be the officer verifying the account. The guardian may exhibit the securities or investments to the judge of the court, who shall endorse on the account and copy a certificate that the securities or investments shown to him or her as held by the guardian were each in fact exhibited to him or her and that those exhibited to him or her were the same as those shown in the account, and noting any omission or discrepancy. That certificate and the certificate of an official of the bank in which are deposited any funds for which the guardian is accountable, showing the amount on deposit, shall be prepared and signed in duplicate and one of each shall be filed by the guardian with his or her account.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1946, ch. 1711, § 10; G.L. 1956, § 33-16-16.)