Probate Practice and Procedure

Veterans' Guardianships

SECTION 33-16-28

§ 33-16-28. Effect of commitments by foreign courts.

The judgment or order of commitment by a court of competent jurisdiction of another state or of the District of Columbia committing a person to the veterans administration, or other agency of the United States government for care or treatment shall have the same force and effect as to the committed person while in this state as in the jurisdiction in which is situated the court entering the judgment or making the order; and the courts of the committing state, or the District of Columbia, shall be deemed to have retained jurisdiction of the person committed for the purpose of inquiring into the mental condition of the person, and of determining the necessity for continuance of his or her restraint as is provided in § 33-16-27 with respect to persons committed by the courts of this state. Consent is hereby given to the application of the law of the committing state or district in respect to the authority of the chief officer of any facility of the veterans administration, or of any institution operated in this state by any other agency of the United States, to retain custody, or transfer, parole, or discharge the committed person.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1946, ch. 1711, § 18; G.L. 1956, § 33-16-28.)