Probate Practice and Procedure

CHAPTER 33-21.1
Unclaimed Intangible and Tangible Property

SECTION 33-21.1-3.1

§ 33-21.1-3.1. Property originated or issued by this state, any political subdivision of the state or any entity incorporated, organized, created or otherwise located in this state.

(a) All intangible property, including, but not limited to securities, principal, interest, dividends, or other earnings thereon, less any lawful charges, held by a business association, federal, state or local government or governmental subdivision, agency or entity, or any other person or entity, regardless of where the holder may be found, if the owner has not claimed the property or corresponded in writing with the holder concerning the property within three (3) years after the date prescribed for payment or delivery by the issuer, unless the holder is a state that has taken custody pursuant to its own unclaimed property laws, in which case no additional period of holding beyond that of the state is necessary under this section, is presumed abandoned and subject to the custody of this state as unclaimed property if:

(1) The last known address of the owner is unknown: and

(2) The person or entity originating or issuing the intangible property is this state or any political subdivision of this state, or is incorporated, organized, created, or otherwise located in this state.

(b) The provisions of subsection (a) shall not apply to property which is or may be presumed abandoned and subject to the custody of this state pursuant to any other section of this title or any other provision of law.

(c) The provisions of subsection (a) shall apply to all property held at the time of enactment, or at any time thereafter, regardless of when the property became or becomes presumptively abandoned.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 9, § 1.)