Probate Practice and Procedure

Practice in Probate Courts

SECTION 33-22-12

§ 33-22-12. Notice by service or mail.

Notice may also be given, in addition to the foregoing, in any one of the following modes:

(1) By causing a citation to be served, if within this state, by a deputy sheriff, town sergeant, or constable, and, if outside the state, by some disinterested person, upon all known parties interested, at least seven (7) days before proceeding. The citation shall give notice of the subject matter of the proceeding and of the time and place thereof, and shall be served by reading the citation to each of the parties or by leaving an attested copy of the citation with him or her or at his or her last and usual place of abode with some person living there. If service is made outside the state, the person making the service shall make return under oath of the manner in which, the time when, and the place where service was made.

(2) By mailing notice to all persons interested whose post office addresses are known.

History of Section.
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