Probate Practice and Procedure

Practice in Probate Courts

SECTION 33-22-29

§ 33-22-29. Local rules of probate court.

The probate court of each city or town shall promulgate local administrative rules designed to facilitate the efficient discharge of the statutory duties of such court; provided, however, that no such local administrative rule shall expand, contract or otherwise vary any specific provision of title 33 or any other provision of the General Laws. Such local administrative rules shall include the following: the dates and times when the court is in session; procedures for docketing of cases at hearings of the court; the scheduling of special sessions; and deadlines for the submission of pleadings or other filings. Such local administrative rules shall be clearly posted in the office of the probate clerk and copies of such rules shall be available to any interested party from the probate clerk.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1996, ch. 110, § 10.)