Probate Practice and Procedure

Judicial Review of Probate Court Orders and Decisions

SECTION 33-23-3

§ 33-23-3. Effect of appeal from granting of letters.

If an appeal is claimed from a decree of a probate court granting letters testamentary, of administration, of administration with the will annexed, or of guardianship, the executor, administrator, administrator with the will annexed, or guardian, on giving bond as by law required, file an inventory and collect, receive, and take possession of all the rights, credits, and estates of the testator, intestate, or ward, as if no appeal had been claimed. All claims against the estate of the deceased or ward shall be filed within the time prescribed by law, and the executor, administrator, or guardian may, under the direction of the probate court, do such acts as the law requires concerning claims; and all limitations in regard to claims shall apply as if no appeal had been claimed.

History of Section.
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