Probate Practice and Procedure

Collection and Management of Decedents' Estates

SECTION 33-9-22

§ 33-9-22. Validity of acts by executor or administrator subsequently removed – Validity of purchases from devisees, legatees, or heirs.

When an executor or administrator is removed, or when letters of administration or decrees are revoked, all previous sales whether of real or personal estate, lawfully made by an executor or administrator and with good faith on the part of the purchaser, and all other lawful acts done by the executor or administrator, shall remain valid and effectual. A decree allowing a will or compromise of a will or adjudicating the intestacy of the estate of a deceased person in any court in the state having jurisdiction thereof shall, after one year from the rendition thereof or, if proceedings for its reversal are had, after one year from its establishment, or in the event that administration of the estate has been fully completed within one year after the rendition or establishment, as the case may be, then after completion of administration of the estate, be final and conclusive in favor of purchasers for value in good faith without notice of any adverse claims of any property, real or personal, from devisees, legatees, or heirs claiming under the will or estate, or from their executors, administrators, guardians, or conservators. This section shall not make an adjudication of the fact of death conclusive.

History of Section.
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