Probate Practice and Procedure

Collection and Management of Decedents' Estates

SECTION 33-9-23

§ 33-9-23. Master's deed to convey decedent's property to party entitled to specific performance.

When a person dies holding the legal title to property, real or personal, and an action for specific performance of contract for sale thereof would have existed as against the deceased had he or she lived, a complaint against the executor or administrator alone of the deceased may be brought by the person with whom the deceased has made the contract, setting out the facts, the pendency of which bill shall be advertised at least twice each week for three (3) successive weeks in some newspaper published in the city of Providence, which notice shall be in addition to legal notice to the executor or administrator. And on hearing the cause, if it appear that a proper case has been made out, the superior court shall decree that a conveyance shall be made by a master to be appointed for that purpose whose deed shall vest the title of the deceased in the party entitled to specific performance on payment of the purchase price, which, less the costs of the suit, including costs as between solicitor and client, shall be personal assets in the hands of the executor or administrator.

History of Section.
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