CHAPTER 34-13.1
Marketable Record Title

SECTION 34-13.1-6

§ 34-13.1-6. Contents of notice – Recording – Indexing.

(a) To be effective and to be entitled to recordation, the notice referred to in § 34-13.1-5 shall contain an accurate and full description of all land affected by the notice, which description shall be set forth in particular terms and not by general inclusions; but, if the claim asserted under § 34-13.1-5 is founded upon a recorded instrument, the description in the notice may be the same as that contained in the recorded instrument. In addition, each notice shall clearly state the then owner or owners of record of the property involved.

(b) Each notice shall be recorded in the land records of the town where the land described there is located. The notice shall be indexed in the grantors' index under the name or names of the owners of record as listed in the notice and in the grantees' index under the name of the claimant appearing in the notice.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1995, ch. 241, § 1; P.L. 1995, ch. 299, § 1.)