Title 34

Chapter 28
Mechanics’ Liens

R.I. Gen. Laws § 34-28-9

§ 34-28-9. Effective period of notice.

A notice of lien recorded in the land evidence records pursuant to § 34-28-4 shall be effective for two hundred (200) days prior to the date of filing. A notice of lien shall be effective as to any retainage earned but not paid, for work furnished pursuant to § 34-28-1 et. seq., and said notice of lien shall be effective from commencement of said work. Retainage is a percentage of the total contract amount that is withheld by the owner from the general contractor and by the general contractor from the subcontractor until the entire job is completed and the project is accepted by the owner and by the general contractor, at which time the retainage due is paid.

History of Section.
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