Enforcement of Common Law and Contractual Liens

SECTION 34-35-1

§ 34-35-1. Complaint for order of sale.

Whoever has a lien for money due him or her on account of work and labor, care and diligence, or money expended on or about personal property or for storage of personal property or has a lien therefor on account by reason of any contract expressed or implied, if the money is not paid within thirty (30) days after a demand in writing delivered to the owner or one of the owners, or left at his or her usual place of abode, if within this state, with some person living there, or made by letter mailed to him or her at his or her usual post office address outside the state, may apply for an order for the sale of the property in satisfaction of the debt by civil action in the superior court for the county where the plaintiff or one of the plaintiffs resides.

History of Section.
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