Title 34

Chapter 36
Condominium Ownership

R.I. Gen. Laws § 34-36-39

§ 34-36-39. Chapter continuity.

This chapter shall not apply to new declarations of condominiums filed after July 1, 1982; nor shall this chapter apply to condominiums declared before July 1, 1982 where construction has not been commenced, but said condominiums shall be governed by chapter 36.1 of this title. Provided however certain activities of condominiums created under this chapter may be subject to chapter 36.1 of this title as defined in § 34-36.1-1.02. Public offering statements and sales contracts shall clearly disclose that such offering or sale is not covered by the Rhode Island Condominium Act, chapter 36.1 of this title; pursuant thereto any public offering statement and any sales contract shall contain the following language in bold-faced type: “This condominium is not covered by the Rhode Island Condominium Act of 1982.”

History of Section.
P.L. 1982, ch. 329, § 1.