Regulation of Out of State Real Estate Sales and Dispositions

SECTION 34-38-9

§ 34-38-9. Appointment of agent and service of process.

No seller or developer of out of state land included under the definition in § 34-38-1 shall directly or indirectly transact any business in this state until it shall have appointed in writing the director of business regulation of this state to be its true and lawful attorney for the service of process upon it in any action arising out of its activities under this chapter or proceeding against it may be served with the same legal force and validity as if served on it, which authority shall continue in force as long as any liability remains outstanding against it in this state. Whenever lawful process against a seller or developer included under the provisions of this chapter shall be served upon the director of business regulation, he or she shall forward a copy of the process served upon him or her, by mail, postpaid, and directed to the home office of the seller or developer; for each copy of the process the director of business regulation shall collect the sum of five dollars ($5.00), which shall be paid by the plaintiff at the time of the service, which sum is to be recovered by the plaintiff as part of the taxable costs if he or she prevails in the suit.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1972, ch. 56, § 1.)