CHAPTER 34-39.1
The Holders of Low and Moderate Income Housing Restrictions Act

SECTION 34-39.1-2

§ 34-39.1-2. Legislative purpose.

The general assembly recognizes and declares that there exists in the state of Rhode Island a serious shortage of decent, safe and sanitary housing units available and affordable to persons and families of low and moderate income. The inadequacy in the supply of decent, safe, and sanitary affordable housing endangers the public health and jeopardizes the public safety, general welfare, and good of the entire state. To obtain the benefits of restrictions which seek to preserve and maintain affordable housing, the general assembly does hereby grant special status to the restrictions so a restriction holder may enforce the restrictions without uncertainty as to the legal effect and enforceability of the restrictions.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1991, ch. 237, § 1.)