Title 34

Chapter 41
Rhode Island Real Estate Time-Share Act

Article III
Management of the Time-Share Property

R.I. Gen. Laws 34-41-3.06

 34-41-3.06.  Upkeep of units.

Except to the extent otherwise provided by the time-share instrument, the managing entity is responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement of the time-share units and any personal property available for use by time-share owners in conjunction therewith, other than personal property separately owned by a time-share owner. Each time-share owner shall afford access through his or her time-share unit reasonably necessary for those purposes, but if damage is inflicted on a time-share unit through which access is taken, the managing entity is responsible for its prompt repair. Subject to the provisions of law, a time-share instrument and other provisions of the time-share owner may not alter or change the appearance of a time-share unit without the consent of the managing entity.

History of Section.
P.L. 1984, ch. 141, 2.