Abandoned Property

SECTION 34-44-8

§ 34-44-8. Expenses of receivership – Fees.

The court may assess as court costs, the costs and expenses set out in § 34-44-6(2) of this chapter, and may approve receiver's fees to the extent that they are not covered by the income from the property. Any expenses incurred by a receiver pursuant to the exercise of a receiver's powers as set forth in § 34-44-6 shall be a lien on the proceeds of any fire insurance claim made by the owner of a building under the control of a receiver for damage or loss to the building caused by or arising out of any fire or explosion, where the event giving rise to the claim occurs on or after the date of appointment of a receiver; provided that the event giving rise to the claim was not caused by a receiver or a person or persons under the control of a receiver.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 447, § 1.)